Colloquium / Seminar Room (1F) of Seaside House of OIST

8:30-9:05   Registration

9:05-9:15   Opening

9:15-10:00  Keynote Lecture 1

AFM and Direct Force Measurements as Analytical Tool

Prof. Georg PAPASRAVROU (Univ. of Bayreuth/Germany)

10:00 -10:45    Keynote Lecture 2

Nanoscale Imaging of Unstained Biological Specimens in Water Using Newly Developed Scanning-electron Assisted Dielectric Microscopy

Prof. Toshihiko OGURA (AIST/Japan)

10:45-11:00  Coffee Break (Lounge / 1F)

11:00-11:25   Invited Lecture 1

A Challenge to Constructing Orthogonal Self-Assembly
Prof. Kenji ARAMAKI (Yokohama National Univ./Japan)

11:25-12:10   Keynote Lecture 3

Bioinspired Design: Emergent Functional Materials from Colloidal Self-assembly
Prof. Nicolas VOGEL (Friedrich-Alexander Univ./Germany)

12:10-13:15   Lunch (Chura Hall / 3F)

13:15-13:40   Invited Lecture 2

Thermodynamic Study on Bilayer Phase Transitions of Twin-Tailed Cationic Surfactants
Prof. Masaki GOTO (Tokushima Univ./Japan)

13:40-14:25   Keynote Lecture 4

Experimental Tools for Studying Lipid Organization in Complex Biomimetic Membranes
Prof. Frederick A. HEBERLE (Univ. of Tennessee/U.S.A.)

14:25-14:40   Coffee Break (Lounge / 1F)

14:40-15:25   Keynote Lecture 5

Precipitating Surfactant into a Smart Foam Stabilizer
Prof. Anniina SALONEN (University Paris Sud/France)

15:25-15:50   Invited Lecture 3

Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles Used as a Mass-probe in a Living Body

Prof. Yasuro NIIDOME (Kagoshima Univ./Japan)

15:50-16:50   Poster Session (Lounge / 1F)

16:50-17:00  Closing


Banquet / Restaurant "Momogami"

17:30-   Transportation to Naha Central (by Bus)

19:30-21:30 Colloquium Dinner in Restaurant "Momogami"

Program (new time schedule revised on Nov. 7)​

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