About KCC

(Kyushu Colloid Colloquium)

   Kyushu Colloid Colloquium (KCC) was founded in 1981 by a group of leading colloid and interface scientists in Kyushu area in Japan, with an aim to promote collaboration among scientists and to encourage development and understanding in these fields.  KCC has been held annually in Kyushu or western area of Japan and organized as international meetings in 2000, 2004, 2010, and 2016.  In this year, the 5th International kyushu Colloid Colloquium (IKCC) is held at Seaside House of OIST on Novenber 9.  

   The purpose of this colloquium is to discuss recent progress and future prospects in colloid and interface science and technology.  This colloquium will encourage interactions and to stimulate the exchange of idea among researchers in the field of assemblies of molecules and particles in solution and at interface.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Takanori TAKIUE  (Chairperson)

Kyushu University

Dr. Masaki GOTO

Tokushima University

Dr. Yousuke IMAI

Kyushu University


Saga University

Dr. Hitoshi MATSUKI

Tokushima University

Dr. Yasuro NIIDOME

Kagoshima University


Kyushu University


Hiroshima University

Dr. Norihiro IKEDA

Fukuoka Women's University

Dr. Nobutake TAMAI

Tokushima University

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