5th International Kyushu Colloid Colloquium (IKCC)

Kyushu Colloid Colloquium (KCC) in 2019 is held as the post symposium of OKINAWA COLLOIDS 2019 on Novenber 9 at Seaside House of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST).

〈Keynote Lecture〉

  ・Frederick A. Heberle (University of Tennessee / USA) 

  ・Anniina Salonen(University Paris Sud / France)

  ・Nicolas Vogel(Friedrich-Alexander University / Germany)

  ・Georg Papastavrou(University of Bayreuth / Germany)

  ・Toshihiko Ogura(AIST / Japan)

〈Invited Lecture〉

  ・Masaki Goto(Tokushima University / Japan)

  ・Yasuro Niidome(Kagoshima University / Japan)

  ・Kenji Aramaki(Yokohama National University / Japan)

〈Poster Presentation〉

  ・Poster session is planed in this colloquium. So we are

      currently inviting researchers to submit abstract of poster




  ・Banquet will be held after the colloquium at Naha city. 

     Participant will be transported by chartered bus.

    (It takes about 100 min.) 

    Banquet place: Restaurant of "Momogami"

    ( address: Rushing Naha City 1-2-25 Ryukyu central building 2F )

Early Resistration 
Dead line: Oct. 18, 2019
Submit Poster Presentation
Dead line: Oct. 18, 2019


after Oct. 19, 2019